U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Headquarters

Arlington, Virginia

These two, 12-story interior renovations covered approximately 500,000 sf and included a complete interior demolition and new finishes. The scope of work included a visitors center, museum, auditorium, fitness facility, full-floor SCIF, exterior site security, roof replacement, grab-and-go cafeteria, and 24-hour critical operations. The space features a museum that spans 4,000 sf detailing the history and mission of the agency. Along with the museum, is a teaching space and multiple walls in the public space to honor previous DEA employees and their missions around the world.

HITT continuously coordinated lobby access and elevator usage with the staff and tenant representatives to minimize disruptions to their business.  A complex phasing plan was implemented to replace all of the vehicular access point security systems. The tenant was able to maintain garage and loading dock access during the construction. Our team is set to finish this project on-time despite challenges associated with building during COVID-19 within an occupied building.