Doral, FL

The Univision NewsPort and Studios project consisted of adding 63,000 sf to the existing shell structure by adding a second floor mezzanine to make way for new private offices, open office space, team rooms, administrative office support space and food service areas. The existing first floor areas serve as broadcast studio space, news / production areas and administrative office space. In order to accommodate Univision’s acoustical and height requirements for 8,000 sf of new studio and broadcast space, 30,000 sf of existing roof was demolished and a new roof structure / membrane system was installed. To support the facility, two new electrical feeder services were provided by FPL. Two 2250-KW generators were installed to power up 850 tons of air conditioning as well as new elevators, fire pump and UPS system. Because the property is situated on the flight path for Miami International Airport, special attention was given to acoustics. Interior construction included sound-rated partitions and ceilings with an STC-40 rating for all technical areas (edit rooms, studios, newsrooms and sound rooms) as well as STC-35 to -60 for exterior / interior glass. The project schedule was fast-tracked and required double shift of manpower. Completion was just more than a year and the on-air target date was met.