Environmental Sustainability is one of the five pillars of HITT’s Corporate Responsibility program, and our dedicated Sustainable Construction Department works diligently to minimize our footprint on both a project and corporate level.  We track the economic and environmental impact of projects under construction, and strive to optimize the long-term sustainability, affordability, and safety of the built environment beyond project completion.

HITT's Sustainable Construction department carefully devises and implements detailed environmental programs tailored to individual project needs. The team has completed more than 150 LEED certified projects across the country, and provides assistance to HITT’s operations teams, clients, and construction partners on other third-party certification systems such as SITES, WELL, Net Zero, Living Building Challenge, along with regulatory requirements specific to certain jurisdictions.


The update to LEED v4 brought significant changes and new requirements. HITT’s Sustainable Construction department has worked tirelessly to understand the nuances of the credit changes and how these challenges impact our clients, subcontractors, and internal process. While we have a list of key elements in our process that help ensure LEED v4 success, we continue to refine our approach based on project experience. 

The keys at this stage are to collaborate early and often with designers, subcontractors, and clients to understand and ensure alignment between project goals and scorecards. Training and education of subcontractors is the foundation of a successful LEED v4 project and we work tirelessly to ensure products are selected that meet material transparency and disclosure requirements.

Sustainable Construction Services

  • Sustainable construction cost analysis tools
  • Adherence to Construction Waste Management Policies
  • Preconstruction Services
  • LEED certification coordination and submittal review
  • Prequalification and training of subcontractors
  • Implementation of Indoor Air Quality Management
    protocols on all projects
  • Preparation of technical documents for green building compliance
  • Education and training for HITT team members, clients,
    and subcontractors
  • Green building program coordination

As an active member of the USGBC National Capital Region, we have strong partnerships with designers and industry leaders. These relationships provide us with an overarching knowledge of the sustainable construction industry as a whole, ultimately allowing for proper project execution in the ever evolving sustainable construction market.