Rosetta Resources


Rosetta Resources, acquired by Noble Energy Inc., was an independent oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. Now functioning as Noble Energy, which is also headquartered in Houston, the firm has a built a diversified portfolio of both U.S. unconventional and global offshore conventional assets spanning three continents.

This 150,000-sf project was a complete renovation of levels 14, 15, 16, 17 and 21 and was completed in an aggressive 16 weeks. The build-out included a reception area, conference rooms, open and private offices, break rooms, restrooms, and elevator lobbies.

Our scope of work consisted of the installation of many custom items including: high density file (HDF) systems, backlit glass, magnetic glass marker boards in every office and conference room, back-painted glass boards in the elevator lobbies, and an interconnecting staircase from level 14 to level 17. On each floor adjacent to the new staircase is a welcoming community center that supports the family culture of the firm.

Level 14 consists of the main reception area that features elegant travertine flooring and custom walnut paneling. The upper levels house several state-of-the-art conference and open seating areas, which provide opportunities for collaboration. Accents of vibrant orange are seen throughout the finishes, furnishings, and signage, providing both visual interest and wayfinding cues.