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The Power of Persistence

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we're sharing a story from Senior Project Manager Roxanne Sale about one of her career-defining experiences.

Unforeseen challenges arise every day on the jobsite—a lesson Senior Project Manager Roxanne Sale learned early on in her career when a situation led to a delay in project delivery. For years afterward, she kept a picture of that particular client space on her office wall among photos from her vacations.  As people remarked about the snapshots, they’d undoubtedly ask why a project photograph was mixed in with the collection. Roxanne never hesitated to explain.  

“It boils down to this: that summer, I spent 90 hours a week working to correct and finish that space. It was one of the hardest times in my career; I was inexperienced and felt I was in over my head,” she shared. “In order to finish the project and preserve our relationship with the client, I had to stick to my principles. I stayed late and worked hard. As a result, the quality and details didn’t suffer at all; the punchlist was 100% and signed off when the space was turned over.” 

Though her hard work did not immediately generate any repeat work with the client, she found herself working for them again about five years ago. They hadn’t forgotten the issue on the project, but more importantly, they hadn’t forgotten the extra effort Roxanne put in to rectify the situation. “I didn’t walk away, and the client remembered that,” she said. “My advice—no matter how hard it looks now, you never know what it will yield in the future. Stay and finish strong!”