Numerica Corporation

Fort Collins, CO

Numerica prides itself on "advancing the science of information" through highly robust  technologies in the information technology field. Numerica's focus ranges from missile defense technology to cultivating information to better serve police forces around the globe. In an effort to accomplish the goal of keeping us all safer, the company moved into a new technology center in Fort Collins and provided a superior work environment for their many creative programmers.

The design by Burkett Design and Task Project Management provides flexibility between employee needs and a modern and scientific space to fit their creative culture. The former of the two was accomplished by providing numerous shared spaces, motorized shades controlled by each team and a very large break room / multipurpose room; Numerica even provides monthly massages. The modern design includes exposed steel structure, light tubes to provide additional natural light at the interior of the space and stained and sealed concrete floors in a majority of the space.