Northern Virginia Sterling II Data Center

Sterling, Virginia

Our team partnered with our Client, who specializes in colocation data centers, to construct the 22.5-MW Northern Virginia Sterling II Data Center on their existing data center campus in Sterling, Virginia. The project team completed this two-story, 225,000-sf greenfield facility in a record-setting180 days. 

Design and construction happened at the same time, requiring coordination and communication between all team members. Crews worked double shifts during the shell construction, and 24/7 to fit out the four data halls, to meet the aggressive six-month schedule.

Team members installed more than 200 pieces of equipment, including modular power and cooling units constructed off-site during construction. Rather than waiting to receive power from the power utility, the team expedited commissioning using temporary power to achieve the fast-track schedule.

Site restrictions limited staging space on-site due to an existing data center on the campus; the buildings surrounding the campus forced the project team to use off-site drop lots for materials and equipment. The project team overcame site size restrictions, unsuitable soils, and extensive weather impacts, including two significant snow events and 30 straight days of rain in May 2016, to deliver on schedule and within budget.

Project Highlights