National Retail Federation

Washington, DC

National Retail Federation (NRF), the world’s largest retail trade association, represents retailers from more than 45 countries including department stores, specialty apparel, discount, online, independent, grocery and chain restaurants. NRF’s former headquarters was divided among two floors, lacked collaboration space and featured an 80 / 20 office-to-workstation ratio. The new headquarters for NRF is located on the top floor of 1101 New York Avenue, the design and layout of the new space takes full advantage of 360-degree views of downtown DC through the building's uninterrupted, full-height glazing perimeter. All offices and conference room fronts are 100% glass. In addition, glass clerestories between offices help expand views and allow maximum daylight to penetrate into the space. Through a purposeful blend of high-end and raw materials, the design embodies the many faces of the retail industry, from Madison Avenue to Walmart. From the walnut floors at the entry and reception areas, to the stained concrete floors that mark the promenade around the office, the juxtaposition and collision of the two worlds is a theme throughout the space.

In order to achieve this vision for National Retail Federation’s new home, the construction team worked collaboratively with the architect and client throughout the duration of the project. The construction team paid careful attention to the architectural detailing and specifications for materials selected for this project to deliver a high-end project in time for National Retail Federation’s move-out of its old space and into its open-plan new headquarters.