Microsoft Malvern MTC

Malvern, PA

The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) is a 22,000-sf tenant renovation to provide high-end conferencing facilities and meeting spaces for Microsoft’s clients. Within the MTC are a number of key rooms and features. The Envisioning Center provides clients with a unique theater-like setting with state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities. The space is used for sales demonstrations to showcase Microsoft's latest products and solutions for both residential and commercial / business purposes. The open monumental stairway sits to one side of the reception area and offers a dramatic, vertical transition up to Microsoft’s second floor lounge area, which features cocktail tables, sofas, and large LED monitors for clients and employees to enjoy. Lastly, the Server room Display Center (SDC) is a unique glass-enclosed room which showcases the hardware equipment that runs this highly technological facility.  The project was completed in 20 weeks.