Microsoft Chevy Chase Headquarters

Chevy Chase, MD

The Microsoft Chevy Chase office is one of the most prestigious of the company. This project consisted of two phases and consolidated all employees onto the fifth through seventh floors, returning the eighth and ninth floors to the landlord. Phase I included the construction of the fifth and sixth floors, while seven through nine were occupied. These floors included four pantries, a wellness room, and three reception desks.  Phase II included the removal of the staircase from the seventh-eighth floors, pouring back the slab, decommissioning the eighth and ninth floors, and minor construction of the seventh floor. During the preconstruction process, our team spent three weeks performing value engineering analysis and ultimately saved the Client $117,000 in construction costs.

One of the unique architectural features of the project was the portal made from 100+-year-old reclaimed barn wood, which is eight feet tall with glass in the middle that changes colors. Our team completed the project three weeks ahead of schedule, going above and beyond the Client’s expectations.