Memminger Elementary School

Charleston, SC

The new construction of Memminger Elementary School, a two-story, 77,286-sf building located in downtown Charleston, was completed during the summer of  2013.

The project was part of a building program to replace older, seismically deficient schools in the Charleston area. The existing school was demolished and the pad was prepared (including earthquake drains) under a separate contract, but HITT performed the balance of the contracting work.

One of the particular difficulties was building in a crowded downtown area, with both commercial and residential areas nearby. This presented logistical deliveries due to the limited site area and surrounding buildings, and required coordination of haul routes, deliveries and temporary sidewalk outages.

Project Highlights
  • The construction of this project is special because it is a 77,000-sf educational facility that is a statement to the community. It brings together both historic qualities and sets future expectations about the direction this community is headed in. Collaboration with neighbors, political parties and school board officials was critical to ensure all stakeholders were pleased with the overall project and able to maintain day-to-day activities during the construction phase.

  • Designed to LEED Silver standards

  • ABC Excellence in Construction Award