Large Professional Services Firm—Expansion

Hallandale, Florida

Having previously built the firm’s current office, HITT was excited at the opportunity to partner again on this large professional services firm's expansion project. The client wanted a space that inspired creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. It was important that we as the general contractor came on board understanding their expectations for a less-traditional office space with open collaborative areas.

The HITT team completed the full first floor and partial second-floor renovation in 18 weeks. Our team built one room with thinking pods, while keeping the rest of the space more of an open and free environment for creative brainstorming. The versatile thinking pods featured giant Lego furniture that transform into chairs, desks, or walls. Stunning murals on many of the interior walls were created by talented local Miami artist, David Le Batard, also know as Lebo.

Combining the client’s original space with the expansion space was our team’s biggest challenge. To maintain cohesion between the original and expansion spaces, we kept the general finishes in the expansion the same as the original. Both spaces feature white walls, an exposed ceiling, and polished concrete floors. A connecting bridge was being built by a separate general contractor in between the original office and new expansion space. Our team regularly communicated and worked together with the secondary general contractor onsite to create a schedule that combined both projects into one efficient schedule. This collaboration allowed us to avoid overlapping deliveries that could have caused delays in either project.