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HITT Celebrates Promotions Nationwide

We're incredibly proud of the 58 employees that received promotions this year. As they continue to move up the ranks, we're confident that this group will go on to tackle new challenges, foster new relationships, and take their careers—and the company—to the next level. 

While the idea of promoting from within isn't unique to HITT, it is a commitment that we stand by. We believe in recognizing the hard work of our teammates, rewarding them for their innovative approaches, their expanded responsibilities, and their professional growth.

These team members embody the HITT Way, demonstrating a commitment to client service, construction excellence, and integrity.  We’re eager to see the company continue to evolve under their leadership.

Brian Kriz, Executive Vice President

Kim Roy, Executive Vice President

Peter Thaler, Senior Vice President

Left to right: Craig Anderson, Senior Project Manager; Evan Antonides, Vice President; Jon Cadle, Vice President; Scott Decker, Senior Project Manager; Andrew Fisher, Senior Project Manager; Jason Hair, Senior Project Manager; Eric Johnson, Senior Project Manager; Erik Kandler, Vice President; Matt Manders, Senior Project Manager; Eric Masciantonio, Senior Project Manager; Kevin Nutson, Senior Project Manager; Bob Shawver, Vice President, Site Operations; Luis Sirotzky, Senior Project Manager; Brian Urben, Senior Project Manager. Not pictured: Star Longo, Senior Project Manager.
Left to right: John Beal, Project Manager; Paul Boucher, Project Manager; Scott Dutton, Project Manager;  Steve Escobar, Project Manager; Matt Filimonchuk, Project Manager; Stephanie Gains, Project Manager; Alex Giron, Project Manager; Rob Hart, Project Manager; Cory Huggins, Project Manager; Don Kettering, Project Manager; Micheal Lister, Project Manager; Chris Marcus, Project Manager; Paul Morrison, Project Manager; James Novak, Project Manager; Kyle O’Brien, Project Manager; Pat O’Toole, Project Manager; Jamie Shipman, Project Manager; Brian Snavley, Project Manager; Alex Snead, Project Manager; Isaac Thompson, Project Manager; Mike Vruggink, Project Manager.
Left to right: Kane Ateshian, Superintendent; Alfred Davison, Senior Superintendent; Josh Hensley, Superintendent; Scott Keller, Senior Superintendent; Paul McHugh, Senior Superintendent; John Moore, Senior Superintendent; Greg Nieman, Senior Superintendent; Shawn Obrigewitch, Senior Superintendent; TJ Pake, Senior Superintendent; Tim Russell, Senior Superintendent; David Smith, Senior Superintendent; Chris Speed, Superintendent; Adam Trottier, Superintendent. Not pictured: Jeremy Anderson, Senior Superintendent; Eddie James, Atlanta; Edwin Munoz, Superintendent.
Left to right: Melissa Hollinshead, Pursuit Manager; Luis Moreira, Regional Safety Manager;  Korey Price, Estimator.