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HITT Celebrates 154 Promotions Nationwide


In the most challenging times, leaders rise in the face of adversity. We’re proud of our 154 team members who were promoted this year from HITT offices across the country. Please join us in congratulating them on their well-deserved promotions—their hard work and dedication is the spirit and foundation of our culture at HITT. 

Senior Vice Presidents

Senior Vice President, Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell

Corporate Resources

"I have the exciting opportunity to guide HITT’s strategic vision for the brand, as shaped and defined by the experiences of our clients and team members. I believe that by fostering a diverse and inclusive culture and creating an incredible experience for our team members, we can collectively deliver on our brand promise and earn the trust of our clients and partners."

Senior Vice President, Cliff Chow

Cliff Chow

New York
"I’m thankful to HITT for trusting me with one of the top markets in the country. New York can be daunting, but with hard work, we have built the standard of excellence in our people and projects that has been recognized by our leadership, peers, and clients. I plan to continue the growth of our region to new markets and project types with the help of our dedicated team."

 Vice Presidents

Vice President, Chris Carella Vice President, Nazanin Codd Vice President, Michelle Decker

Chris Carella

Site Operations

Nazanin Codd

Human Resources

Michelle Decker

Vice President, Tim Garside Vice President, Jake Pollack Vice President, Paul Zimmerman

Tim Garside

Site Operations

Jake Pollack

Santa Clara

Paul Zimmerman


 Project Executives

Project Executive, Doug Bardin Project Executive, Scott Dutton Project Executive, Chris Hogeboom Project Executive Rob Kurucza

Doug Bardin


Scott Dutton

Corporate Office—Interiors

Chris Hogeboom


Rob Kurucza

Law Firms
Project Executive Luke Marshall Project Executive Eric Masciantonio Project Executive Chris Perry Project Executive, Jake Swindal

Luke Marshall


Eric Masciantonio

Corporate OfficeBase

Chris Perry


Jake Swindal

Atlanta, Corporate OfficeInteriors

Senior Project Managers

Senior Vice Presidents
Josh Adams, Atlanta Corporate Office—Interiors; Nathan Buck, Healthcare; Ivan Cavieses, New York; 
Steven Chen, Corporate Office—Base; Andrew Foncannon, Government
Senior Project Managers
Taylor Hart, Atlanta, Technology; John Mansour, Atlanta, Technology; Chris Marcus, Technology;
Mark Rainey, Technology; Kavan Ranasinghe, Los Angeles
Senior Project Managers
Triloka Shanbhag, Technology; Jamie Shipman, Charleston; Sean Soares, Raleigh; Todd Spiro, New York; Tony Vongdara, Seattle

Project Managers

Project Managers
Meshal Alenezi, New York; Spencer Allin, Technology; Tyler Barfield, Hospitality; 
B Barnett, Houston; Anna Carter, Technology
Project Managers
Robert Clinage, Houston; Brian Collins, Houston; Jordan Cook, Technology;
Jack Craig, Santa Clara; Tyler Dilger, Santa Clara
Project Managers
Greg Gadell, Corporate Office—Base; Tyler Grillo, Corporate Office—Base; Cullen Hitt, Corporate OfficeInteriors;
Ana Horn, Corporate Office—Interiors; Robert Howard, Technology
Project Managers
Amjad Jariri, Government; Caitlin Jellison, Santa Clara; Taylor Jones, Richmond;
Max Lorenzen, Corporate OfficeInteriors;  Andrew McGroarty, Technology
Project Managers
Brendan McNaught, Government; Redding Midura, New York; Davis Priester, Government;
Philip Pugel, Houston; Katie Riley, Raleigh
Project Managers
Eddie Rossell, Technology; David Sherdil, Law Firms; Ana Sierra, Government; 
Hector Simpson, Healthcare; Garichel Sosa, Atlanta, Technology
Project Managers
Garichel Sosa, Atlanta, Technology; Ellie Spitzer, Corporate OfficeInteriors; Joe Wnuk, Los Angeles; Matt Zebell, Technology

Assistant Project Managers

Assistant Project Managers
Laquesha Lynn, Corporate OfficeInteriors; Ashley Shanklin, Technology

Corporate Resources

Corporate Resources
Jacob Aboudou, Senior Associate, Virtual Construction; Matt Alexander, Senior Manager, Preconstruction; 
Brandon Aveille, Manager, Preconstruction; Zeena Fangman, Director, Corporate Business Development; 
Ezekiel Fawole, Senior Safety Superintendent; Nicholas Hofmann, Senior Associate, Project Accounting
Corporate Resources
 Lauren Kim, Manager, Pursuits; Mark Miller, Senior Associate IT; Judy Nam, Assistant Manager, Preconstruction;
Mike Nam, Manager, IT;  Ana Posada, Senior Associate, Human Resources; Josh Kutner, Director, Government Pursuits and Compliance
Corporate Resources
Amanda Tangren, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; 
Eric Thomas, Senior Associate, Virtual Construction; Alex Tselepis, Senior Associate, Sustainable Construction; 
Isaiah Walston, Director, Sustainable Construction

Site Operations

Jack Barringer, Superintendent; Ed Comeau, Senior Superintendent; John Fiano, Superintendent; 
Sam Gensel, Superintendent; Josh Goldfarb, Senior Superintendent; Dail Haun, Senior Superintendent; 
Erlin Herrera, Assistant Superintendent; Peter Holmes, Senior Superintendent
Garrett Hughes, Senior Superintendent; Trevor Imlay, Superintendent; Mauricio Lopez, Superintendent; 
John Radman, Superintendent; Bangalore Satyanarayan, MEP Manager; Jason Selman, Superintendent; 
Matthew Smith, Superintendent; Chris Speed, Senior Superintendent
Adam Trottier, Senior Superintendent; Nathan Willems, Superintendent; Ben Woycik, Senior Superintendent; 
Jeremy Zelinger, Superintendent