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HITT Celebrates 101 Promotions Nationwide

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of 101 of our team members from HITT offices nationwide. Our team members are our greatest asset and we continue to be inspired by the dedication, creativity, and tenacity this group of leaders embodies. 

From L to R: Joe Kmiecinski, Site Operations; Rob Craig, Site Operations; Aaron Martens, Technology; Chris Plass, California

From L to R: Tom Grab, Hospitality; Javier Isturiz, South Florida; Matt Pope, Government; Luis Sirotzky, Corporate Office—Base Building; Paul Zimmerman, Texas

From L to R: Doug Bardin, Seattle; Luca Covi, Corporate Office—Base Building; Scott Dutton, Corporate Office—Interiors; Matt Hajec, Technology; Rob Hefley, Atlanta; Lindsay Martens, Corporate Office—Interiors; Kyle O'Brien, Raleigh; Andrew Peeler, Technology; Josh Shelton, Corporate Office—Base Building; Chris Weismiller, Technology; Lewis White, Charleston

From L to R: Amy Almazar, Graphics Senior Associate; Mark Armentrout, Project Accounting Senior Associate; Nikki Arnold, Payroll & Benefits Senior Associate; Karen Cotton, Director of Pursuits; David Davis, Preconstruction Manager; Michelle Decker, Director of Project Accounting; Katlyn Egan, Human Resources Senior Associate; Joanne Fulmer, Administrative Services Senior Associate; Glen Harrison, IT Senior Associate; Nate Haugh, Project Accounting Manager; Mariama Jarr, Project Accounting Senior Associate; Lauren Kim, Pursuits Senior Associate; Megan Lantz, Vice President of Corporate Business Development; Kelly Merideth, Project Accounting Senior Associate; Mike Nam, IT Senior Associate; Jennifer Nguyen, Corporate Accounting Senior Associate; David Pfirrmann, Preconstruction Executive; Dayna Powderly, Pursuits Manager; Courtney Reed, Graphics Senior Associate; Andrew Shaw, Safety Senior Manager; Lily Terango, Sustainability & CR Senior Associate; Tejas Thakkar, IT Senior Associate; Adrian Thomas, Corporate Accounting Associate; Julia Won, Project Accounting Senior Associate

From L to R: Garrett Anderson, Atlanta; David Arvizo, Corporate Office—Interiors; Eleanor Brainis, Atlanta; John Brillant, Technology; Nick Cunningham, Technology; Chris Darling, Charleston; Luke Deutschmann, Charleston; Nicole Dulmer, Corporate Office—Interiors; Jamar Frank, Hospitality; Erik Gerloff, Corporate Office—Interiors; Zach Gard, Corporate Office—Base Building; Phillip Hughes, Atlanta; Chris Jewell, Technology; Mark Joblove, South Florida; James Keesling, Corporate Office—Base Building; Robert Klipfel, Hospitality; Lela Lattany, Corporate Office—Interiors; Greg Medlin, Technology; Brittany Otis, Corporate Office—Base Building; Felipe Rojas, Healthcare; Kavan Ranasinghe, California; Kurt Rager, Corporate Office—Base Building; Mark Rainey, Technology; Nick Riddle, Raleigh; Wil Reynolds, Healthcare; Sean Stalzer, New York; Nick Schmitt, Government; Alex White, Charleston; Stefan Wolff, South Florida; Michelle Yanda, Corporate Office—Interiors; Sam Young, Raleigh; Tyler Zoz, Texas

Maddy Cucuteanu, New York

From L to R: Cory Adams, Superintendent; Kevin Chappell, Superintendent; Austin Clark, Superintendent; Bogdan Cozma, MEP Senior Superintendent; Rick Curry, Senior Superintendent; Collin Flaherty, Superintendent; CJ Grish, Superintendent; Fidel Hernandez, Superintendent; Kyle Hughes, Superintendent; Mark Hahr, Superintendent; Cris Landefeld, MEP Superintendent; Mike Lane, Senior Superintendent; Bernie Murphy, Senior Superintendent; Max Nellis, Superintendent; Rick Norsworthy, Superintendent; Jason Reynolds, Superintendent; Jared Stiltner, Superintendent; Michael Stitely, Superintendent; Ben Thomas, Superintendent; Juan Torres, Senior Superintendent; Tom Williams, Senior Superintendent; George Warring, Senior Superintendent; Bill Woycik, MEP Senior Superintendent; Erick Zambrana, Senior Superintendent