Commitment to Innovation  

From delivering newborns to discovering scientific breakthroughs that advance our understanding of the human body from a molecular level, the healthcare and life science industries influence the quality of human life. As experts in healthcare construction it is HITT's job to build the environments to allow healthcare professionals to provide the best quality of care for their patients.  HITT Healthcare delivers construction expertise for every type of project typical to modern healthcare. We are devoted to the highly-specialized needs of hospital and healthcare facilities. The HITT Healthcare team recognizes that safety and communication are important in order to achieve minimal inconvenience to hospital patients, staff families and visitors. 

Award-winning Experience

Our healthcare portfolio consists of many of the top healthcare systems leading in the healthcare industry. We have been recognized time and again for our quality craftsmanship and safety on our projects, however, we are humbled by our recognition by ABC National for an Eagle Award for the build-out of Kaiser Permanente, a Pyramid Award for the George Washington University Hospital Breast Care Clinic, and a Pyramind Award for the George Washington University Hospital Radiation Oncology Center. The Eagle and Pyramid awards are the highest accolades bestowed on a commercial construction company. Moreover, we are most proud of the awards that our clients have received in their respective industries. In particular, HITT Healthcare built laboratory space at Howard Hughes Medical Institute for 2014 Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig, winner in the category of chemistry.