The Golf Club at Lansdowne

Leesburg, VA

The Golf Club at Lansdowne included a two-phase project with three facets comprised of the construction of a new luxury clubhouse located centrally on the existing golf course grounds, a new recreational pool and the extensive redesign of the existing Greg Norman-designed golf course.

During the first phase of the project, HITT managed to construct the new clubhouse while the existing golf course remained available for daily use. Project highlights include a new skin to the building, with the use of full wythe brick and manufactured stone veneer, cast stone accents and a new aluminum / wood window system, providing true divided light to the clubhouse interior. Interior finishes included high-end wallcoverings and the use of stain-grade oak trim totaling more than three miles of material.

Also incorporated into the first phase was the new exterior pool, located adjacent to the clubhouse. Working with the landscape architect and subcontractor team, HITT constructed the new pool with artificial rock formations that incorporated a circulating waterfall and a centrally located fountain feature. Other accent features included a new beach entry, slide pool, and a stamped concrete surface to highlight the water features.

Towards the tail end of the clubhouse construction, HITT worked with professional golfer Greg Norman and his team to create the new, four-star golf course.

Project Highlights
  • ABC Excellence in Construction Award
  • WBC Craftsmanship Award