Glenstone Museum - The Pavilions

Potomac, MD

Located on more than 200 acres, Glenstone houses exhibitions from one of the most important private collections of post‐World War II artwork. Designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners, the expansion will add significantly to the museum’s gallery space and provide increased support facilities. 
The centerpiece of this 170,000‐square foot project will be a new exhibition building called The Pavilions. Currently under construction, project will deliver 50,000 square feet of exhibition space comprised of “gallery room” pavilions, purposefully designed to showcase single‐artist installations. The facility will also include 30,000 square feet of art storage space, office space, and a central water courtyard that connects the pavilions. The exterior of each pavilion will be made of stacked blocks of cast concrete, individually poured to measure six feet long, a foot high and a foot deep. The windows are specially engineered using glass panels as large as 9 feet by 30 feet, and will be set flush into stainless steel mullions. 
The expansion includes a café building, arrival gallery, support buildings, and a landscaping package designed by PWP Landscape Architecture that features three parking groves, new monumental sculptures and 6,000 new trees. 
The museum will strengthen its commitment to the public with a built environment that enables a richer, more intimate visiting experience.     


Project Highlights
  • WBC Craftsmanship Award, Special Concrete Finishes, 2019
  • AIA DC Excellence in Interior Architecture, 2019
  • IIDA Merit Award, Glenstone Museum II Administrative Offices, 10,000–20,000 sf, 2019