Galway Group

Houston, Texas

As a global energy advisory firm, Galway Group is involved in every aspect of the energy industry, including strategic assessments, project development, commercial negotiations, financing, capital raises, energy marketing, trading, and risk management.

The firm chose to partner with HITT to complete the build-out of their 8,000-sf office space. In an effort to change the client’s culture, the design focused on modifying the office to a completely open concept plan. The office space opens to an exposed ceiling with acoustical clouds throughout, a large breakroom, and collaborative workstations. All perimeter offices have partial walls with no office front, which promotes a team atmosphere and encourages communication.

Due to the open ceiling concept, multiple base building elements had to be modified to accommodate the locations of new light fixtures, air distribution, and the acoustical clouds. This took a collaborative effort between our team, Inventure Design, and subcontractors, to satisfy the client's expectations for an aesthetically pleasing open concept ceiling space.

One of our biggest challenges was providing power and data to the free standing walls. With the help of the architect and engineering team we were able to develop a method to route the services without having to go through the floor by creating a raceway along the window mullions. Our team demonstrated the ability to address and anticipate challenges early, saving valuable time, resulting in a timely project completion.