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Family Generations: The Kanes

Emerging Talent Manager Sarah Kane has fond memories of spending Saturday mornings on the jobsite with her father, Site Operations Vice President Luke Kane. Despite that early exposure, Sarah’s path here wasn’t a guarantee. It took a bit of encouragement from Luke for Sarah to consider a job with HITT, but ultimately she found what she was looking for: a large, successful, private company with a dedicated and growing Human Resources team. 

Now part of the HR team for five years, Sarah is expanding her responsibilities and becoming an essential business partner to operations teams. “I’m glad she has a good job with a good company,” shared Luke. “Seeing my peers interact with her professionally is humbling. I’m proud of the reputation Sarah has made for herself here.”

Sarah’s focus is developing the next generation of HITT talent.  “I grew up at HITT and saw firsthand that this company’s impact goes beyond the individual,” she recalled. “That experience shapes the decisions I make every day and is a big reason that I am so passionate about our Futures program. I get the chance to help emerging talent reach their full potential, guiding them as they follow in the footsteps of company leaders like my dad.”