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Elevate the Talent - Part 1 Intern Perspective

My 10-week journey as the marketing intern through HITT’s Futures Program was a remarkable experience that provided both professional and personal growth. The structure of the program and the one-on-one guidance offered by my mentors ensured a comfortable introduction to HITT and the construction industry.

Sophie Lex, Corporate Marketing Intern Summer 2018

HITT has an undeniable culture of seeking to understand and encourage its employees—including all 55 college interns nationwide. Throughout the program, I completed four personality and leadership assessments. My mentors and the marketing team took a deep interest in my results, and discussed, questioned, and most importantly utilized the findings to develop an effective management strategy that aligned with my learning style. These considerations boosted my confidence and reinforced the positive work environment that I was told to expect while interviewing for my internship.  

The tasks I was assigned throughout the summer were diverse and constantly evolving. One of my first responsibilities was taking over HITT’s Instagram account for the company’s first ever #FuturesFriday campaign series. I developed weekly themes, curated photos from various intern events and projects, and wrote content to capture the intern experience, all while maintaining the HITT voice. The #FuturesFriday series was a great way to keep up with my fellow interns and gain insight into the various departments within HITT.

Mid-way through the internship program, I met with my mentors to reflect on my projects to-date and to collaborate about what I still hoped to accomplish and experience. During this meeting, I set an ambitious goal to lead a project proposal before the internship ended. Understanding how important this goal was to me, my mentors supported and encouraged me as I took the lead with our operations team on a proposal. I spent several weeks organizing meetings, collecting data, creating branded documents, and assembling the final proposal to be presented to the client. Achieving this goal was something I never would have thought possible just a few months prior.

As an intern at a large, national firm, I didn’t expect to have many opportunities to interact with executive leadership; however, I found the complete opposite to be true.  CEO Kim Roy regularly joined our intern meetings to offer insights and listen to our thoughts and feedback. Feeling respected and valued by both my mentors and executive leadership kept me inspired and empowered throughout the course of the program. The feedback and advice I received will be crucial as I launch my career next year.

To sum it up, my summer with HITT was made by the people—relationships are what drives the company culture and defined the intern experience. With no prior experience in the construction industry, my understanding grew extensively and reshaped where I see myself after graduation, something I credit to the Futures Program, my mentors, and everyone I had the pleasure of working with this summer. I would highly recommend this comprehensive program to any college student looking for a hands-on, innovative, and professional experience with an amazing company!

-Sophie Lex, Corporate Marketing Intern Summer 2018