Datacert, who recently merged with TyMetrix to form ELM Solutions, is a market-leading global information services company that provides technology-based solutions for the legal industry. Their company has a global workforce of more than 500 people, customers in more than 190 countries, and has completed more than 700 implementations of their software. 

The Datacert project was a 50,000-sf, two floor build-out that transformed their dated office layout into a first generation space for their new corporate headquarters. Datacert shifted their workspace from a 90% closed office environment, to an 80% open layout, with increased collaboration areas. Each department required a unique workplace design with customized configurations and varied furniture solutions, tailored to the department’s specific needs. An energetic and high-tech aesthetic was created with a dynamic carpet tile pattern, bright accent colors, well-lit areas of open plenum space, acoustical ceiling cloud features, and a custom graphic wallcovering. One of the key features of the space is a large, technology-rich reception area which invites customer interaction and showcases the company’s latest software products.