Data Center Addition

Vienna, VA

The Data Center Addition project consisted of a 7,500-sf building addition to an existing financial headquarters facility that was completed in 36 weeks. The building is a three-story construction including a basement, ground and second floors. The shell was steel and masonry construction supported by a cast-in-place concrete foundation.

The building design required a 20-foot excavation for the foundation and the lot had several major utilities, including utility power duct bank and UPS duct bank that supported the data center and the operation of the facility running through and around the excavation. These utilities had to be supported throughout construction and required substantial shoring and support. The site also contained an underground fuel storage tank that needed to be removed and relocated to the adjacent parking lot.

The new construction included installation of two 1.5-megawatt generators with remote radiators, two 1,100-kVA UPS with thirty minutes of battery backup, and 125 tons of cooling. HITT upgraded the utility power transformers to 2,500 kVA and installed a new 15,000-gallon underground fuel storage tank and fuel transfer system to support the new equipment.

This project was successfully constructed to increase the power available to the financial facility's live data center with zero downtime to the data center.

Project Highlights
  • WBC Craftsmanship Award, Category: Power Generation, Distribution and Switchgear