A Message from Our Leaders

We’ve Built Our Business on a Handshake

For more than 80 years, our business has been grounded in relationships. We believe deeply in the power of giving your word, shaking on it, and always honoring our commitments. The global pandemic is challenging us as builders, businesspeople, and community leaders to adjust swiftly and boldly. It’s likely that construction will never be the same – and we accept the challenge. You’ve probably heard us say “We love a challenge!” whether it’s a complex project or a friendly sporting competition. We’re embracing the opportunity to lead our business, clients, and community on the road to recovery. We’re already seeing amazing dedication, solutions, and ingenuity from HITT team members and partners across the country.

While we can’t shake your hand today, we can promise you this. We have always been, and will always be, a people-first company, grounded in relationships. In this new reality, we reaffirm our purpose.  

  • Do whatever it takes to ensure everyone who comes into contact with our work stays safe and healthy, even if it affects our bottom line.
  • Build safely to keep HITT and our clients’ businesses operating. From hospitals and data centers to distribution centers, construction is vital to American life. 
  • Keep people employed and working safely so that they can feed their families and keep their homes. 
  • Lead the construction industry by sharing our knowledge and tools with our subcontractors and competitors. Now more than ever, we’re in this together.
  • Support our dozens of hometown communities across America in every way possible. 

When the day comes that we can meet again to say thank you, we’ll gladly shake your hand. Until then, we’re focused on building safely to deliver on our commitments. Industry strong and community proud. 

Kim Roy, CEO
Jeremy Bardin, Co-President
Drew Mucci, Co-President