Confidential Data Center

Sterling, Virginia

This greenfield design-build project was the first of five planned data centers on the client’s Northern Virginia campus. The data center is the the campus’ first 6-MW phase. Once fully developed, this initial data center will house 30 MW of critical IT load.

The data center is a structural steel building with 58-foot-tall architectural precast panels, curtainwall front, and metal panels throughout. Mechanical equipment in phase 1 of the project includes eight chillers, 24 data module computer room air handlers (CRAHs), four electrical room CRAHs, and three energy efficient variable refrigerant (VRF) units in the office space.

The interior space features raised access floors, a state-of-the-art security system, and a two-story office space. Although this project is the client’s largest data center to date, our team accomplished an aggressive 32-week construction schedule while still performing integrated systems testing (IST) a day early.