Confidential Client

Cary, NC

HITT completed a multi-floor interior build-out for this confidential client located in Cary, North Carolina. The project consisted of building out offices, a café, and fitness.

The 20-week fast-track construction schedule required close coordination with the owner vendors. There were many long lead items including glass modernfolds, environamics office fronts, European tile, and kitchen equipment. We also worked closely with the client’s IT department to complete the rebuild of all IDFs with new backbone. Our team’s proactive approach and document review process ensured an on-time delivery with no schedule delays.

One major challenge of this project was the substantial amount of supervision that was required in order for there to be no disruptions to the clients tenants during this occupied renovation. Due to the tight project schedule, this space was delivered to the client during the holiday season. Close collaboration with the entire design team and client team paved the road to completing this project safely and on time.