Anniversary Story

The Climb

Tony Casares
Tony Casares

In 1995, Tony Casares left his position with a drywall contractor to join HITT as a carpenter. It was immediately clear that Tony was a capable team member, but what made him stand out was his thirst for knowledge—a desire that has only grown in the years since.  

“Since starting with HITT, I knew there was a career path for me here,” said Tony.  A year after being promoted to foreman, he was once again promoted to superintendent. He wasn’t content to stop there though, his sights were set on becoming a project manager.

Moving from superintendent to project manager is an unusual step, but that didn’t discourage Tony. During the next 15 years, he took almost every internal training class offered at HITT. He sought industry training, and sharpened his already strong computer skills to build his knowledge of budgeting, scheduling, and estimating. 

In 2015, Tony was given the opportunity to transition from site operations and realize his goal of becoming a project manager. He is now part of our Commercial Services sector, working on client service projects. “It’s almost like I’m back to my roots,” said Tony. “But even now I’m still evolving; there is always so much to learn.” 

It takes personal perseverance and encouragement from those around us to take as many risks as Tony has. He set objectives, achieved milestones, and with a lot of sweat equity, reached his goal. The idea of the career ladder may look different to each of us, but his climb inspires each of us to keep building, keep dreaming.