Lowcountry. High Quality.

The Charleston region is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing real estate markets in the country. 

Charleston is home to a rich collection of historic structures, higher education facilities, military installations, industrial buildings and corporate offices.  With an emergence of technology related business, the area is also quickly adapting to its designation as the “Silicon Harbor.”   This diversity in commerce, coupled with a robust tourism draw supports its continued status as one of the top destinations in the world. 

Our expert project teams represent a broad range of background and experience in commercial construction. We surround ourselves with the best in local resources and provide dedicated on-site supervision for every project. Our superintendents ensure a safe and professional work environment, which translates to less risk for our clients. 

Committed to the Charleston Market

At HITT, we are proud to be a part of the Lowcountry and embrace our role and responsibility within the business community.  

HITT has had a fully staffed Charleston office for over 20 years and has played an integral part in the local real estate and development scene. We have the ability to partially pre-purchase supplies and materials and pay subcontractors promptly, allowing us to partner with the best subcontractors in the Carolinas and further drive projects to timely completion. We continue to invest in growing and protecting the Charleston community by using best practices in sustainable construction and the latest cloud-based technology, both of which contribute to our ultimate goal of building better spaces.