Our Sustainable Construction Department has the technical rigor on a breadth of services to deliver long-term green building solutions for our clients and construction partners. We track the economic and environmental impact of projects while under construction as well as strive to optimize the long-term sustainability, affordability and safety of the built environment beyond project completion. On each HITT project, our teams are trained to implement economic and safe green construction best practices regardless of whether a client is looking to achieve green certification. 

Sustainable Construction Services

  • Sustainable construction cost analysis tools
  • LEED certification coordination and submittal review
  • Prequalification of green subcontractors
  • Preparation of technical documents for green building compliance
  • Corporate social responsibility consultation
  • Building performance analysis
  • Life cycle cost of building materials
  • Green building program coordination
Sidwell Friends Middle School, first LEED Platinum K-12 school in the world
Sidwell Friends Middle School is the first LEED Platinum K-12 school in the world, as well as the first Platinum-rated building in DC.
Green Project Delivery

After ten years of refinement of quality control processes that ensure smooth documentation of green project compliance, we have trademarked and named our proven methodology as Green Project Delivery™.  Trademarking our process means that our clients can be sure that sustainable construction solutions are deployed consistently across all phases of their projects. HITT's commitment goes beyond achieving green certification by providing sustainable construction services that align with our clients' corporate social responsibility goals. 

Leveraging Technology

 We leverage the constructability components of NAVISWORKS by visualizing written descriptions of sustainable design alternatives that fit a client’s budget and retain design intent. Our tools take a computer model and analyze the life cycle of building assembly choices. The outcome identifies quantities and assigns costs for  budgeting while scientifically measuring the carbon footprint and energy cost savings for any given construction situation. We make this technology available to our clients and design teams to foster integrated decision making and planning.  

Advancing Green Construction 
A dedicated in-house sustainable construction department  is constantly reviewing project processes. We make it our responsibility to understand the green advocacy and state policy that change the rules of engagement for projects. As the clearinghouse for all things green, we can quickly create process and implement them on projects when changes happen. Programs that address well building standards and resilient design are expanding the sustainability landscape. We watch the sustainable market place both locally and nationwide to help inform program development to meet future demands.