Anniversary Story

Stress Relief

Smashing Cars for Stress Relief

The economic downturn of 2008, often referred to as the Great Recession, hit the building industry as hard as any in the US. To say that times were uncertain doesn’t begin to describe what so many experienced.

Despite being able to retain our entire workforce during those lean years, we didn’t necessarily make it through unscathed. There was plenty of pressure, and even more stress. Co-Presidents Jim Millar and Brett Hitt recognized that, and made it their mission to calm fears and give team members an outlet for frustration.

One of the more creative approaches to that issue happened back in 2010, when Brett brought two old junker cars to the office and invited team members to join him in letting out a little aggression and frustration by way of a sledgehammer.

“It felt good to swing hard at something,” recalled Senior Project Manager Luke Marshall, who had only recently started working for HITT at the time. “It made a big impression on me to see the president of the company up there taking a crack at it himself. Brett leads by example, and he made it clear that he recognized the pressure we were under.”

Over 75 team members smashed their way to stress relief that morning. While we haven’t taken a sledgehammer to any vehicles in the years since, we’re always on the lookout for ways to tap into what’s happening for our team members. Whether a situation calls for stress relief or celebration, our leadership is always right beside us.