Anniversary Story

Myrtle L. Hitt Award

Myrtle Hitt Award

Perhaps it was fate that Myrtle Hitt ended up in the construction industry, but passion is what kept her here.  Though her husband and co-founder Warren got his start in building and remodeling years before meeting Myrtle, their partnership is what got the business off the ground.

While Warren ran operations, Myrtle answered phones, kept the books, managed payroll, and generally ensured the business was running smoothly. “My mother was steady—hardly ever missing a day at the office,” shared her son, Principal Russell Hitt. “She had perhaps the best work ethic of any of us, and together with my dad taught me the value of hard work from an early age.”

Arriving at the office each day at 5:30 a.m., Myrtle spent the mornings preparing checks for team members and subcontractors—two groups she cared deeply for. She always took a few minutes to chat with each employee or partner who stopped by on payday. It was those interactions with key partners, though, that earned her a reputation of trust in the industry amongst subcontractors. “She made our subcontractors a priority,” recalled her grandson-in-law, now company Co-President Jim Millar. “She saw them as the heart of our work, and treated them like they were part of this company.”

After Warren passed away in 1978, Myrtle remained the center of HITT’s heart, history, and tradition. She continued to manage the company’s finances as we grew, eventually serving as Secretary-Treasurer until her passing in 2001.

Inspired by Myrtle’s passion and advocacy for our subcontractors, in 2001 the Myrtle L. Hitt Award was established in her honor. Every year for the last 16 years, a subcontractor has been recognized with this top honor. Decided by HITT team members, it’s bestowed upon a subcontractor who exemplifies The HITT Way of quality workmanship, excellent service, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. “This is our way of continuing her legacy, and honoring the way she thought the business ought to be run,” said Jim.

This spirit of respect and support for the subcontractor community is a key part of who we are at HITT. We are grateful for the talent and skills of each of our subcontractors, and deeply appreciate the relationships we’ve built with these partners during our 80 years.