Anniversary Story

Kane Ateshian

Kane Ateshian

Kane Ateshian’s first project with HITT was complex enough to challenge even the most seasoned superintendent. When he joined the team as an assistant superintendent mid-way through what would prove to be a three-year joint venture project to renovate Charleston’s airport, Kane found he had his work cut out for him.

He immersed himself in the job, gaining insights and refining his approach to site management over the course of the Charleston airport project. “I had a lot of guidance from our team along the way,” said Kane, who credits longtime superintendents Bric Wall, Tom Bardin, and Glenn “Red” Bowers with shaping the way he manages construction work today.

“Kane is a bit like I am,” shared Superintendent Bric Wall. “He’s a scheduler, putting a lot of stock in the three- and four-week look-aheads. He’s a pusher, and that’s what a great superintendent needs to be.”

Since finding success on the airport project, Kane is now a superintendent, and has his sights set on building a career that will allow him to have the same impact on younger generations. “I love that I get to build things that last longer than I will,” said Kane, “I want to be able to say that not only about the projects I work on, but the team members I shape as well.”