Anniversary Story

HITT Comes to Houston

For the most part our growth has been organic—sending strong, driven up-and-comers and proven leaders to our next location to repeat our success in a way that’s tailored for each location.

However our approach for entry into the Houston market was quite different. In 2016 we acquired our first company: Trademark Construction. We set out to find an established company to help us leverage our debut in Houston, and could not have found a more compatible partner than the team at Trademark.

Acquisitions have a reputation for being marred by red tape and hard feelings. Even if those obstacles are avoided, integrating two separate company cultures can be contentious. However, our experience couldn’t have been further from that.

“Trademark employees looked to the owners for reassurance after we shared news of the acquisition,” said Trademark HITT Senior Vice President Chris Hines. “Once Steve [Richbourg] and Paul [Zimmerman] rolled out the integration plan demonstrating a thoughtful migration and increased resources and technology, those anxieties turned to excitement.”

This first year was focused on assessment, planning, communication, and implementation.  Senior leadership from both sides worked together to reinforce our strengths while enhancing our abilities in the market.

A year later, with original founding partners Chris Hines, Wes Knostman, and Bobby Surles still at the helm of Trademark HITT, we’re continuing to make strides toward better serving our Clients in Houston, throughout the state of Texas, and across the nation.  

Whether 30 years or 80 years old, a company’s culture is what makes them unique, serves as a foundation of traditions, instills passion, drives leadership, and encourages growth. There is a shared passion and excitement both in Houston and across the HITT organization about our first acquisition. 

We are bridging the gap between two organizations, establishing new traditions, providing new opportunities for leadership, and sharing in the excitement of being able to better serve our Clients by bringing together two families of builders.