Anniversary Story

Commercial Services

Commercial Services Team

No project too big or too small—this is what sets HITT apart. Whether we’re building a core and shell office building or changing a doorknob, we give the same passion and attention into every project delivered. “Our quality never waivers; it doesn’t matter how big or small, fast or long a project is, our expectation of quality remains constant,” explained Co-President Jim Millar.

HITT began as an interior decorating and painting company in 1937, and the Paint and Services sector has been a key service for the company since its inception. After nearly eight decades, that sector was upgraded in 2016 to provide our Clients with a more sophisticated and comprehensive service offering. The sector, led by Vice President Jerry Orr, is now known as HITT Commercial Services.

“We’re passionate about relationships and we take pride in being there for our Clients to provide services for whatever they need, no matter how minor,” said Jerry. “We offer our Clients the easiest solution to professional commercial maintenance and repair services, with the HITT quality Clients have come to expect.”

While this change was made to best service Clients, it has created growth opportunities for our team members as well. William Amaya is proof positive of this growth. After nearly 30 years with HITT as a paint foreman, the 2016 expansion afforded him the chance for continued training and an opportunity to grow into a service foreman role. William now reports daily to a Fortune 100 company providing maintenance and repair work. As Executive Vice President John Britt explains, “We’ve not only provided William the training to expand his skills, but the ability to build his career in an office setting.”

Throughout our 80 years in business, we’re humbled in knowing that some of our smaller projects have made the biggest impact on both our Clients and our people. We’ve learned that success follows our ability to evolve based on Client and market needs, and often where one story ends, another begins. As for HITT’s Commercial Services sector, this is just the beginning.